A Guide to Writing a Dissertation Methodology Section

methodology section of a dissertationThe methodology section of a dissertation is a part that makes up to 20% of the entire dissertation project.
The main purpose of writing the methodology section of a dissertation is to discuss research. The guidelines presented below will help you make the methodology section of your dissertation properly.

  1. Briefly tell what kind of research you are going to conduct
    There are three main types of research:

    • Qualitative (based on theories);
    • Quantitative (based on numbers);
    • Mixed research (comprises the elements of both quantitative and qualitative).

    The kind of research you have to conduct depends mostly on your specific research area and on the topic of your project.

  2. Introduce the chosen research methods and explain your choice
    In order to complete this part of the dissertation methodology section successfully, you have to be sure that each method chosen is applicable to your particular dissertation topic. What is more, you have to explain why this or that method is effective or how it can help overcome possible difficulties. So, tell about it in this part of the methodology section of your dissertation.
  3. Describe the research procedure
    Some students think that the description of the research procedure is optional in the methodology section of a dissertation. Actually, they are wrong. You have to describe your research actions in the methodology section of the dissertation, otherwise your paper will be given back for revision.

If your research requires certain techniques or equipment to be used, you also have to present them in the dissertation methodology section.
Follow the guidelines presented above, and you will manage to write the methodology section of your dissertation properly.
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