Career Research Paper

Career research paper is quite unusual type of the academic writing. It differs a lot from other types of research paper. In this article we listed the main requirements of career research paper to make your career research easier.
The main steps to career research developing

  1. Choose the career to be researched.
  2. Define what education and training levels are needed for the career.
  3. Describe the job skills, experience and talents, which are necessary for the career.
  4. Tell you readers about earnings and benefits which can be received.
  5. Describe a typical work day of a person who is doing the job.
  6. List the personal skills which one should have if he/she is pretending to get the job.
  7. You can also make a career survey.

The parts of your career research paper
Your career research papers are normally subdivided into such parts as:

  • Introduction which answers the question “Why have you chosen this particular career to be researched?”
  • Body which describes your career research.
  • Aptitude which tells your readers that you are the best for the job.
  • Conclusion which says what you have learnt, and shows the results of your career research.

Your career research papers writing style
You should use MLA writing style for your career research paper. It means that you should:

  • Use Arial font, size 12pt.
  • The text has to be double spaced.
  • Type your name on each page, together with the page number.
  • Centre the titles.

We hope that this information is enough for you to write a really good career research paper. If not, you should turn to your career research paper advisor, who will surely help you to do your career research and to complete your career research paper.