Research Paper Citations

Research paper citations take an important place in any research paper. It is important to know the format of a research paper citation and apply it to your work.
There are several research paper citation styles and we try to present the research paper citation styles, which are frequently used.
Research paper citation style #1
American Psychological Association (APA) offers the following citation format for literature sources:

  1. Full author’s name;
  2. Publication date;
  3. Title of work;
  4. Volume;
  5. Pages;
  6. Publication place;
  7. Full publisher’s name;

When you write a research paper on Psychology or other social sciences, you should use this research paper citation style. APA is used by many students and it is the easiest way to present the bibliographical list.
Research paper citation style #2
This research paper citation style was offered by the Modern Language Association and is used when students deal with Literature or other Humanities.
You write necessary information about the source in a certain order and that is all you need:
Author – work – volume – publication – date – pages.
Research paper citation style #3
This research paper citation style is famous for additional information which can be presented by the author.
This research paper citation style can be used in research papers on any subject. When you use Chicago research paper citation style, you can quote the information about any book or article or even Internet sources.
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If your research paper citation style is not specified by your tutor, our writers will use the most appropriate for your research paper citation format.