Dissertation Funding

Sometimes, students need financial support for conducting their dissertation research. In such cases, they are supposed to look for dissertation funding sources and apply for dissertation grants.
Unfortunately, many students fail to receive sufficient amount of dissertation funding. The reason for the failure lies in students’ incapability to correctly identify their potential sponsors and follow all the requirements established by dissertation funding representatives.
Here are some useful hints for those who are planning to apply for dissertation funding:

  • There is a great variety of opportunities to get dissertation funding. In particular, they are numerous universities (or even faculties) providing dissertation funding, different fellowships and governmental support programs. You should decide which of them will most likely provide you with dissertation funding.
  • Internet is the best place to search for dissertation funding sources, since 90 % of information about dissertation funding opportunities is posted on the websites of different organizations. You have to choose the key words for your dissertation funding search and surf through the list of the obtained websites.
  • The key to success in receiving dissertation funding is the outline of your project: you should convince your potential sponsors that you deserve to get their grant. You will probably have to fill in different application forms, make a presentation of your dissertation project for the potential sponsors, and even attend their interviews.
  • You should realize that dissertation funding application process starts at least six months before its launch. So, you are to plan your dissertation project, as well as its budget and time line long before its beginning. Many students fail to receive dissertation funding, because of the late submission and you should avoid making the same mistake.

If dissertation funding is an extremely important factor of your dissertation project success, you should devote a considerate amount of your time to getting ready for dissertation funding process.