Dissertation Format

The dissertation formatting means that the dissertation should fit a certain structure in correspondence with the academic requirements. There are the 3 main types of formats the research work: MLA citation style, APA citation style and Harvard citation style the guidelines given below suggest you the generally accepted rules of formatting the dissertation.
Dissertation format: Title page
The title page is the front page of your dissertation paper. The guidelines of it are as follows:

  • The name of the educational institution
  • The topic of the dissertation
  • The writer’s name
  • State your degree
  • State the year

Dissertation format: Contents page
Contents page is the page which presents the plan of your dissertation work with the page numbers on which the reader will find every part of the dissertation. General guideline:

  • Write the headings of each of the chapters separately
  • Write the sub-items under the items one under another
  • Sign every heading with the number of page on which one can find the information

Dissertation format: Abstract
The abstract page is the page on which the brief summary of your dissertation is situated. It is made on a separate page. You do not have to use heading for it. Neither it has to be signed with the page number.
Dissertation format: Introduction
The introduction is the lead into your dissertation. It has to include the topic, the problem and the clear solving of the problem.
Dissertation format: The body
The general guidelines:

  • Start covering every item from the new page
  • The page numbers should be in the right top corner of the page

Dissertation format: the Conclusion
The conclusion should not give opinions in a result section
Dissertation format: Bibliography
The list of bibliography should be formatted in the alphabetic order by the author’s name.
Dissertation format: Appendices:
The Appendices are the files attached to your dissertation which are not primary but still important. Place your appendices on a separate page. Make notes for the reader to get to know what is meant under the additional information given.
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