Dissertation MBA

Congratulations! You are about to graduate and get your deserved degree! The only thing left is to write your dissertation MBA. Naturally, it is not the easiest task. But try to recollect all those numerous tasks you have managed to accomplish! Writing your dissertation MBA is just like any other kind of academic assignments. The only difference is that it takes more time to write a worthy dissertation MBA. We would like to present you a structure you should keep in mind when writing your dissertation MBA.
So, your dissertations MBA is required to contain such parts as:

  • The cover page (with such components, as the dissertation MBA title, the candidate’s name, the supervisor’s name, and the submission date);
  • The acknowledgements (dedication or gratitude);
  • The dissertation MBA abstract (a brief summary);
  • The dissertation MBA table of contents (containing the headings of the sections and page numbers);
  • The introduction (presentation of the dissertation MBA topic);
  • The literature review (background information used for writing your dissertation MBA);
  • The dissertation MBA methodology (the methods of your research);
  • The dissertation MBA conclusion (the results and an overview of your complete research procedure);
  • The list of the sources used (bibliographical information on the additional sources, which you have used while doing background reading).

It is necessary to observe this dissertations MBA structure. Sometimes, it is allowed to change the structure. For example, you may exclude such part as the Acknowledgements, since it is optional. Or you may subdivide some of the dissertation MBA parts into sections in order to investigate some points in more details. However, before you decide to change your dissertation MBA structure, you had better consult your supervisor.