How to Force Yourself to Write a Student Research Paper

You cannot but agree that the main ‘brake’ of our humanity is laziness. On the other hand, it is the main ‘driving force’. Why was a TV console invented? Because people were too lazy to stand up, go to the opposite corner of the room to switch on TV. Still, overcoming laziness becomes more and more difficult with every day. The only way out is a self-discipline.

If you want to overcome your laziness to start writing your student research paper, define how much time a day you will need for making research papers. Adopt a kind of punishment system for unfair execution or ignoring the responsibilities for writing your student research paper. For example, if you wrote less than 1000 words for your student research paper a day, you cannot go to the cinema. And no chocolate at all!

If it is still difficult for you, you may mislead your laziness to write your student research paper. For example:

  1. Switch on your PC to play some video games. While laziness is sleeping, open Microsoft Word quietly and write some sentences of your student research paper.
  2. If you are writing with a pen, start writing a letter to your granny, and then gradually pass over to your student research paper composing. You may be sure that your laziness will notice nothing;
  3. Convince your laziness you have sat down to write just for a few minutes, not more. Just several sentences for your student research paper. At least 5 minutes! Laziness will certainly agree. Now your purpose is not to lose self control and continue writing your student research paper.

As far as you can see, it IS POSSIBLE to overcome your laziness and write your student research papers. The main thing is to know its weak points.