Business Research Paper

business research paperBusiness research paper is a kind of written assignment, where a student is expected to show his/her research abilities and critical thinking in the business area.

Every kind of academic paper requires following a certain structure, and your Business research paper is not an exception here. Besides, if you know the structure required for a Business research paper, you will be able to see clearly what order you should follow to organize your research paper perfectly. So, let us present the most general structure of a Business research paper:

  • Abstract. It is a short summary of your Business essay, where you focus on the main idea of your research;
  • Introduction. The introductory paragraph of your Business research paper explains the importance of your Business research paper topic investigation. It is subdivided into the smaller paragraphs that should be marked by bold type or italics:
    • Purposes – say what you intend to investigate in your Business research paper;
    • Methods – say what ways of investigating you use (in the most cases either the quantitative method, dealing with numbers, or the qualitative one, used in the rest of cases);

    • Techniques – give a list of equipment you use for conducting your research;
    • Expectations from research – say what you are going to find out during your research.
  • Literature review. Provide a deep and thorough analysis of the literature sources used. Define the oppositions in the approaches and what opinion they support;
  • Discussion. This part of your Business research papers is directed to discuss the main controversies on the problem;
  • Analysis and Results. Writing this part of your Business research paper requires a certain structure to relieve the reader’s perception by a visual presentation of the results obtained;
  • Conclusion. Say whether the results of your investigation coincide with the expectations.

Following these tips will help you structure your Business research papers perfectly.