Hot Topics for a Research Paper

Choosing the topics for a research paper is one of the biggest problems for students. It is always hard to find something that is not only interesting for you, but also for the readers.
Sometimes, your tutor gives you a list of the topics for a research paper. On the one hand, it is very convenient. You do not have to mull over what to write about in your work.
On the other hand, already prepared topics for a research paper do not give you the freedom of choice. First, the topics given by your tutor can be difficult for you. Second, they just can be of a small interest to you and it will make your work dull. Thus, if you have a chance to choose the topics for a research paper yourself, do not miss this opportunity.Hot Topics for a Research Paper
Now, let us define the criteria that will help you choose topics for a research paper. So, the topics for a research paper should be:

  • Catching
  • Actual
  • Not too tricky
  • Genuine
  • Suitable for making research

In this article we would like to suggest you some topics for a research paper on social and political issues. Perhaps, you will use these exact topics for a research paper or they will help you think of your own.

  • Propriety of legal gun purchase
  • Horrible reality of the United States: guns and teenagers
  • Connection between TV violence and violence in real life
  • Same-sex marriages: new standard of modern life or another manifestation of immorality
  • Child in a gay family better than a child in the family of alcoholics
  • War in Iraq – another mistake of George Bush or another attempt to defend the democratic principles
  • CIA – what was it doing on September 10th, 2001

So, you see that good topics for a research paper should touch upon the burning issues and be fascinating.

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    Just wondering if you can help me find a good topic for my IP law dissertation. It should relate to digital copyright and the creative industries.
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    Just wondering whether anyone has a hot topic for a PhD in international law, either criminal, human rights or humanitarian law.



  5. kaushalya Says:

    I don’t have any idea of choosing a topic for my degree..on Business Information Technology..and im intrested on area of web development, E-Commerce and mobile communication for my recearch..but i don’t have an idea of choosing a topic..Hope to hear form you soon.
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