Importance of the Dissertation Committee

dissertation committeeLots of students, when writing their dissertation, have some fear of the dissertation defense in general and of the dissertation committee in particular. They do not understand that the purpose of the dissertation committee lies not in spiking fear into students. The real purpose of the dissertation committee will be revealed in this article.

  • Dissertation committee is a concurrent part of any dissertation defense. With the help of the dissertation committee you may improve your dissertation, since the members of the dissertation committee can give you useful remarks on the dissertation writing.
  • Dissertation committee consists of four or more members, but it does not mean that they know the subject of your dissertation in details, that is why you should not be afraid of the fact that your dissertation committee may ask you some irrelevant questions. You are the author of the dissertation and nobody, accept you, knows your subject in every detail. In this connection, you may be asked mostly some general questions.
  • Dissertation committee should be impressed by your dissertation defense. So, there is no time for anxiety. You should pull yourself together and gain all your confidence to defend your dissertation at a high level.

It is necessary to conclude that dissertation committee can be very helpful if to take into account all its instructions on the dissertation writing:

  • They can show you some discrepancy in the structure of your dissertation;
  • They can help you improve your work;
  • They can advise you as for the further investigation of your dissertation topic.

As you can see, you should not be afraid of the dissertation committee, since its main goal is to help you.