Education Dissertation Writing Tips

If you dream to become a teacher one day or you just want to work with children, an education dissertation is something that you will have to write. You know that educating and bringing up in general is one of the most challenging tasks. Thus, you have to be a real professional, and your education dissertations will help you be so.
Probably now you are thinking over a topic for your education dissertation. I think it is not that easy for you to make the right choice. This is why we are here – to suggest something useful for your education dissertation writing.
If I were you, perhaps I would investigate some innovative methods of learning. I know that all the students have different thinking and learning abilities. Somebody gets new information rather quickly. Others need some time for memorizing. Somebody requires special approaches to learning.
I also know that, usually, children get information better when they play. In such an informal way they are able to understand and remember. This is what we suggest you to investigate in your education dissertations – the role of the games in the learning process. However, these are going to be not some mere games, but computer ones.
Let us take as an example for your education dissertation Civilization III computer game.

  • This game will fit perfectly those students, who study ancient history.
  • In the education dissertation you can describe those things that students can learn from the game. These issues are numerous, and students can learn: relations between different nations, geographical aspects, political issues and a lot of other things.

  • In your education dissertation you should try to explain how the game influences the learning process, its benefits and possible drawbacks.

As for me, this method of learning is really productive, but you have to prove it in the education dissertation.

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  1. azrina Says:

    can u explain a little bit. my be give me an idea to prove your statement using mathematics.. because now so many online game using mathematics. do i need to create one or just identify who are playing mathematics game and relate with their achievement in mathematics?