Free Topics for GCSE History Coursework

I would like to start this article with a small reminder. You should not underestimate your GCSE history coursework. Perhaps, at the end of your high school there is nothing more important than GCSE history coursework.
In your GCSE history coursework you will have to show all your skills and knowledge. Everything you have learned, understood will have to find its reflection in this coursework paper.
You have to pay special attention to the requirements for GCSE history coursework writing. Everything should be done accurately and precisely. The second important thing that you have to remember is the topic of your GCSE history coursework. It should be rather complicated, so that you had a possibility to show your thinking and analytical abilities.
Thus, we have a list of such topics for your GCSE history coursework.

  • Treaty of Versailles: its reasons and meaning for Germany.
  • Is it only Germany that can be blamed for starting World War I
  • League of Nations – did it have any chance for longer and more successful existence?
  • Vienna Congress: solution to the problems or creation of the new ones.
  • Schrieffer Plan and the reasons for its failure.
  • Outcomes of World War I for the members of the Triple Alliance.

As you can see, these topics for GCSE history coursework are focused on the period of World War I. You can think of similar topics according to the period of history that you understand better. It is extremely important to write about some familiar for you issues, since in this case all your abilities will be demonstrated in GCSE history coursework.
Thus, do not choose the first topic that you come across. Think whether you are able to disclose it properly and show your knowledge in GCSE history coursework.