Writing a Dissertation in Aviation

writing a dissertationThis article is devoted to those courageous people who want to connect their life with the sky and aviation. If you are at the first stage of writing a dissertation, I mean choosing a topic, this article will be helpful.
If you are writing a dissertation in aviation, you have to think of some really important issues. Sometimes peoples’ life can depend on them. Thus, if you make an important discovery while writing a dissertation, it can really save someone’s life.
So, we have a few suggestions for you on a dissertation topic.

  • First, to write a dissertation you can take a certain air crash as an example. With this example you can explain the reasons of the crash, its aftermath, the ways how it can be avoided and so on.
  • While writing a dissertation on aviation, special attention should be paid to the most common factors that cause crashes. Among these factors you can consider weather conditions, technical defects, human factor and so on.
  • Definitely, in the course of writing dissertations you have to tell about the ways how these factors can be detected, avoided and mitigated. Perhaps you will be able to find some new methods of struggling with these factors.

  • Of course, writing a dissertation in aviation should not be only about air disasters. You can tell about the peculiarities of this profession. When writing a dissertation you may consider some historical aspects as well as the modern ones (maybe some scandalous stories connected with famous airlines). Or when writing a dissertation you may tell about the women’s role in the aviation, since today we can see more and more women-pilots.

Thus, there are a lot of fascinating things that can be disclosed when writing a dissertation in aviation.