Parts of Dissertation Proposals

This is always easy to write papers if you follow a certain structure. So, we decided to provide you with the structure of dissertation proposals to make your writing process a bit easier.
So, hopefully, this is not a surprise for you that before you start working on your dissertation, you have to produce and defend a dissertation proposal.
As an example, let us talk about a Management dissertation proposal:

  • In your Management dissertation proposal you should state the main point of research. To be more precise, except for the thesis statement of your dissertation proposal, you should include such elements as your research goals and objectives, its significance. This will be the introduction of your Management dissertation proposal.
  • You need to explain and disclose the main point of your Management dissertation proposals. If you used some terminology in your thesis statement or some ideas seem to be unclear, you certainly need to interpret your thesis idea for the target readers. So, it would be a good idea to ask your teacher/peer to assess the clarity of your ideas in the thesis statement of your dissertation proposal.
  • In the so called body of your dissertation proposal you will have to describe how you are going to research your subject: what methods will be applicable and why, what results you are planning to achieve, and how much time you will need for this stage.

  • Your last part of dissertation proposals should sum up all important points of your research. This is the conclusion of your dissertation proposals.

One more thing for you to remember- dissertation proposals should be relatively short (usually, no more than 10 pages long).