Thesis on Management – Story of Success

thesis on managementHello, friends!
I would like to share own experience with you in writing my thesis on management. This is, actually, an amazing story, not a routine narration on the time spent at the library. So, read this story about writing my theses on management and be inspired with my own example.
I was in my final years of studying when I got this assignment to write a thesis on management. To tell the truth, I had no idea what is a thesis – I just heard that this is something that everyone is afraid of. Anyway, I had nothing to do but start working on my theses on management.
The first thing I had to do is to start writing a thesis proposal. Unfortunately or not, my supervisor wanted me to produce a great thesis on management, so he said he would not approve my proposal until I find a company to base my research on. Moreover, it should have been a real company, situated in our south region. I was shocked – this became a real challenge for me to write my thesis on management.
So, I was kind of depressed, but I had no choice rather than to find some company. When I was in the process of choosing some organization for my thesis on management, one idea came to my mind. Why not send my theses on management proposal to some international companies, asking them to support me in my research, providing some information?
Can you imagine – one global corporation, to be more precise a marketing specialist of this company, answered. He said he would like to invite me to their office and show me around in order to help with my research. Wow! I was so excited!
When I came to the office of this corporation to get some useful info for my thesis on management, I was offered to have an internship at this company. They said that my management thesis proposal was done on a high level, and they wanted to see me as their future employee.
So, this is how my thesis on management has opened a door to the world of business!
Maybe, you will be as lucky as I was?!…