Secrets of Thesis Writing

thesis writingWe can surely name you plenty of secrets of thesis writing. Among others, there are empty phrases like “be prepared” or “make sure you do want to write a thesis”. But that is not appropriate. Instead, we offer you an overview of the critical parts of thesis writing you need to pay specific attention to:

  1. The first part of theses writing you definitely do not want to miss is a thesis abstract – it is a brief summary of thesis writing, about 300 words long. Before you write it, make sure you have finished all the chapters. This way you will know what to write in the abstract.
  2. The second part of thesis writing is an introduction. Here, make sure you include the reasons for investigating the main problem, and its necessity for the development of a science.
  3. A part of thesis writing students usually do not take seriously is a methodology. This is a wrong approach. This section of theses writing introduces the readers the ways you investigated the problem. Among others, there can be authentic surveys and questionnaires.
  4. The results are definitely an essential part of thesis writing. Here you state the outcomes of your research, both expected and unexpected ones. Try to stay logical, not emotional in this part of thesis writing.

  1. The section of theses writing that follows the results and completes it is a discussion part. You are supposed to evaluate the outcomes of your work critically. State what was done right, what was wrong, and what could have been done to improve the situation.
  2. Finally, if you are wondering how to write a thesis conclusion, note that it has to sum up the entire work. This is the hardest part of theses writing for some students. Before you write it, overview your research.