MLA Dissertation

MLA dissertation is nothing to be afraid of: you just need to write your paper according to a certain dissertation format. Believe it or not, but MLA writing style is not the worst one, so you are lucky to work with this kind of writing standard.
Not to waste our time, let us move straight to the list of guidelines you will have to follow in your MLA dissertations:

  1. The cover page of your MLA dissertation. Many teachers make your task a little bit easier by allowing you not to organize a separate cover page for your MLA dissertation. So, in this case, you can reflect all information about the author on the first page of your paper, right before your dissertation introduction.
  2. Author’s information in your MLA dissertations. Before writing a dissertation introduction, you need to state your name, the name of your professor, institution and some other data at the upper left side of your MLA dissertation.
  3. Margins in your MLA dissertation. You need to remember that you have to use 1-inch margins from each side of the page, and this applies to all pages of your MLA dissertations.
  4. In-text citations of your MLA dissertation. You will use this element every time you quote or summarize somebody’s words. After you have used a quote, you need to state its author’s name and the page number of the source book in parentheses.

  1. The last page of your MLA dissertation or your Works cited page. Any MLA dissertation ends with an appropriately organized Works cited page with all the sources you have used.

Now, you can hand in your MLA dissertation and be sure that you will meet all MLA requirements!