Dissertation Research

dissertation researchDissertation research… When we think about this process, we imagine ourselves sitting at the library with hundreds of books on a table, trying to find something worthwhile on our dissertation research issue. This sounds like a real nightmare. But it should not be this way – you can actually enjoy conducting your dissertation research. Do not you believe? Continue reading, and you will.
Before you start your dissertation research:
No matter, what kind of paper you are writing – a dissertation project or a term paper, you have to analyze what you need for your research. So, before you start working on your dissertation researches, try to identify what questions you hope to answer by making this investigation and write them down.
Make a list of synonyms or related ideas that you might cover in your dissertation. So, when you work on your dissertation research, do not forget to find some evidence to support these extra ideas.
Decide where you can find all this information – what the starting point of your dissertation research should be: a library, Internet or some database with digital dissertations.
Conducting your dissertation researches:
Now, you are ready to start your dissertation research: you know what sources you need, you remember about the ideas you need to cover, you know where to find this information.
While making your dissertation researches, mark all the sources you find suitable by writing down information about the author and page numbers. Do not let anybody or anything interrupt you – no phone calls, no loud music, no TV or radio is allowed for you at this point.
Dissertation research… When you think about this process, you imagine how interesting it will be to learn something new. You know it will not take much time to conduct your dissertation research, since you know how to work fast and productively!