Thesis Outline – What It Is about

thesis outlineAre your advisor/friends/parents interested in how your thesis is going? If you have a thesis outline, you can safely say that your work is in progress. Thesis outlines means you have a plan of your work, which is really not bad. Any serious undertaking requires a plan. Thus, you are almost ready to go on working on your big project.
So, as you can guess, a thesis outline is one of the first stages of thesis writing. If you need some more information on how to write a thesis outline, continue reading this article. We are going to tell you about the basic parts of such outline and give some explanations on each one.

  • In your thesis outline you will have to think of the number of chapters that your project will have. Why is it necessary? You see, your work should be of a certain size and the number of chapters is something that will influence it. If you have, for instance, 5 chapters in your thesis outlines, you will know that it is not enough for a thesis. If you have 6-7 chapters, it will tell you about the typical size of this work. If you have 8 and more chapters, your advisor will think you are crazy.

  • After that, in your thesis outline you will have to introduce all the parts of your project. You have to start with an introduction and finish with conclusions. Thus, you get a precise structure of your thesis. What is more, you get a possibility to see what you have already done.
  • Finally, such thesis outline allows you to think of the titles for your chapters. It is also important, since you get an approximate idea of what each paragraph will be about.

Thus, a thesis outline has a lot of advantages and you can use all of them.