Structure of a Dissertation

dissertation structureHave you already finished your dissertation research? Now you are tet-a-tet with your thoughts and your head desperately needs someone to help you bring all thoughts together. This is exactly what you need a dissertation structure for.
Structuring a dissertation helps you synthesize all information, identify the most important data, and set aside the one that is of no importance for your project. Moreover, making the structure of a dissertation will help you organize selected essentials of your investigation into a logical chain.
It is more convenient to start working on the structure of your dissertation from the Main Body, since thus you will get an approximate idea of what the foundation of your project is and what things should support it.
The most widely-used structure of a dissertation looks like the following:

  • Abstract. Abstract is like an advertisement of a dissertation project that gives a general idea of your research. This is the first thing the dissertation committee will read. That is why abstract is an important part of the dissertation structure;
  • Introduction. Introduction is a no less important element in the structure of a dissertation, since the main purposes of research along with possible results and expectations are stated here;

  • Literature review. Literature review is, in fact, the history of your topic. You cannot talk about your topic omitting background information, how important it was for researchers in the past. You need to take your literature review very seriously;
  • Methodology. How will you investigate your topic? Why do you think this way will be effective? The answers to these questions will build up the content of this part of your dissertation structure;
  • Data Presentation. Nothing difficult! Just introduce all information you have in a logical consecution;
  • Discussion. This is the main part of the structure of a dissertation, since it carries more substantial information than the other elements of a dissertation structure. Moreover, it requires much analytical abilities;
  • Conclusions. The results obtained are discussed in the conclusion of a dissertation project.

You can also use a dissertation template in order to get a clear picture of how the structure of a dissertation should look like.