Exclusive Film Dissertation Ideas

film dissertationNowadays, film industry is developing rapidly. Every year really good movies are released. Modern technologies allow using outstanding special effects, graphics, sound and so on.
Although writing a dissertation is a challenging process, completing a film dissertation seems to be less difficult. Do you know why? The answer is very simple. You can write your film dissertation on your favorite movie. Do you have one? Then you are welcome to discuss any aspect about this film in your dissertation project.
Anyway, you are looking for several film dissertation ideas now and you will find them in this article.

  • First, any problem that you are interested in or that is considered to be a modern hot-button can be discussed in film dissertations. You will just have to consider it on a basis of a certain movie. For instance, you want to discuss the problems of African Americans. A good film dissertation idea would be to trace the image of black Americans in movies. For that purpose you can take any film showing the life of black people and starring a black actor (e.g. Eddie Murphy, Will Smith).
  • Another idea for your film dissertation is disclosing a certain film genre, for instance horror movies. We would suggest you to compare the horror films of the 1960s (like those of Alfred Hitchcock) and the modern horror movies in your film dissertation.

  • One more good solution for film dissertations is to write about film traditions of a particular country. For example, your dissertation on films can be devoted to the Japanese or Chinese movie industry (they are producing the most hideous horror movies).

So, there is a great variety of film dissertation ideas. Still, the most amazing thing about writing a film dissertation is that it can be completed on your favorite movie or actors.