Thesis Introduction: Points to Consider

thesis introductionsA thesis introduction is a part of a thesis project that aims to introduce your research to a reader. In contrast to the rest of thesis parts, a thesis introduction is the smaller one. It touches upon each of the most important issues of your project in particular. So, let us present you the points that you will have to consider in your thesis introduction:

  • The importance of your topic investigation. Since your thesis introduction implies introducing the topic you have considered in your project, you need to start with the most general information on it. So, in this section of your thesis introductions state why, from your point of view , the topic is worth investigating and why you regard it to be interesting;
  • A research question/thesis statement. Your thesis introduction needs a thesis statement or a research question that you will have to answer in the Body of your paper. This paragraph should not take too much space in your thesis introduction. One or two sentences will be right enough;
  • The purposes you pursue. Your thesis introductions should also inform on the purposes of your research. What are you going to investigate? What you intend to analyze?

  • Your expectations from research. It would be quite reasonable to inform your reader on the results of your investigation that you are expecting to get. So, what outcomes you expect to get? Tell about your personal expectations in this part of your thesis introduction.

Thesis introduction usually follows a thesis abstract – that is a short summary of the research done in general. If you need to know more information on writing a dissertation introduction, you can find it on the blog of our website.