Producing a Killer Thesis Report

thesis reportIf you are writing a thesis, you should know that this process includes numerous steps before everything will be completed. Writing a thesis proposal, thesis report, drafts, outlines are all those steps. It is more likely that writing a thesis proposal or a thesis outline are the steps that you have already taken.
However, what about writing a thesis report? What do you know about this part of your work? If you know nothing about it, then producing a killer thesis report is about you. By the way, what do we mean under a killer thesis report? Actually, nothing special except a real possibility to kill the whole matter.
Before we start discussing the characteristics of a killer thesis report, let us have a brief overview of the thesis report itself. If writing a thesis took you ages, writing a thesis report is a much easier and shorter process. In a few words, it is a summary of your project. Your thesis report should give a short description of the main problem, background information, theoretical framework, and so on.
Besides, your thesis reports should be arranged according to certain requirements like font, margins, etc. Actually, this information can be easily got from your advisor. In this article we do not want to concentrate on all the technical aspects of writing a thesis report.
Instead, we will discuss several issues about the content of your paper that will make it a killer like.

  • Do not be precise and clear. Do you really want your committee get the essence of your thesis reports?
  • Verbosity and vagueness are your best friends.
  • Forget that you possess strong analytical skills.
  • Do not try to show your ability to draw conclusions.

So, this is what will definitely kill your thesis report. However, if you want to produce a brilliant piece of writing, do the opposite things!