Writing Thesis Acknowledgements

Though a thesis acknowledgement part is not obligatory, if you feel grateful, you are more than welcome to write one. Usually, a thesis acknowledgement part is a small writing that is devoted to those who helped you write a thesis. There are several rules in the procedure of writing a theeis acknowledgement section:

  1. If you want to know how to write a thesis correctly, mind that there is a certain place for thesis acknowledgements. Just because the part is an option does not mean you can place it wherever your inspiration tells you. Your thesis acknowledgement has to be the fourth part of the writing. It follows the copyright page.
  2. There is a certain rule as to the amount of words in thesis acknowledgements. Usually, the part is no longer than a page (unless you are writing a poem).
  3. If you are wondering whom to include into your thesis acknowledgement section, it does not have to be a problem. Such thesis acknowledgement section is especially needed in a PhD thesis, as it is a sort of investment into the future. Start with your thesis supervisor, those teachers and professors who helped you along the way, include librarians into your thesis acknowledgements. Even parents and friends, if they were supportive, deserve some spot in your thesis acknowledgements.

  1. As to the form of writing your thesis acknowledgements, it has to be neither too official nor overfree. Do not limit yourself in terms of showing appreciation and gratitude. Standard is the form “I owe my deepest gratitude”. Even though it is a simple listing of thank-you’s, your thesis acknowledgement section has to have an inner structure. Start with what the part is about, list all names and sum up. In a good thesis acknowledgement the importance of a paper and its completeness are stated via people who helped creating it.