8 Tips on How to Write a Thesis

how to write a thesisNo doubts, your supervisor has already given you instructions on how to write a thesis. So, it is not what you are looking for now.
What can help you improve your thesis is our tips. Make use of them and be sure that your thesis paper will be the best.

  • How to write a thesis: TIP 1
  • Answer a research question
    Since they are looking for a critical analysis in your paper, your major purpose is to set the main focus or idea of this analysis. Your thesis will aim to analyze this idea.

  • How to write theses: TIP 2
  • Use simple language, do not misuse complex sentences
    Your thesis will be rather scanned than read thoughtfully. Write so that your ideas are clear even if the committee members just scan your paper.

  • How to write a thesis: TIP 3

    Use figures to illustrate your arguments
    Figures are one more means to help readers catch your point while scanning your paper. So, why to complicate information perception?

  • How to write theses: TIP 4
  • Mark out the focus ideas
    Do you want to focus on a certain idea? Use bold type or mark out using italics if allowed.

  • How to write a thesis: TIP 5
  • Use paragraphs
    Do not forget about sections, subsections, and paragraphs. Each new idea is better to start with a new paragraph.

  • How to write theses: TIP 6
  • Mind links
    A good thesis is a coherent thesis. Link-words, like As it was discovered; On the one hand – on the other hand; Moreover; Nevertheless, etc. play an important role here;

  • How to write a thesis: TIP 7
  • Be creative
    It does not mean you should turn your thesis into a letter to your friend.

  • How to write theses: TIP 8
  • Edit until it sounds perfect
    While editing, mind not only stylistics but also format mistakes.

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