How to Prepare a Thesis Presentation in PowerPoint

thesis PowerPointDo the committee members require your thesis presentation to be done in PowerPoint? Do not panic! We are ready to help you with preparing an effective thesis PowerPoint presentation and succeed in it.
We suppose there is no need to explain you what PowerPoint is. Every user knows what it means. Let us pass to preparing your thesis PowerPoint presentation at once.

  • Determine and structure the information you would like to present
  • An outline will be much helpful in this case. It will serve you as the primary source for making your thesis PowerPoint presentation. Just determine the most important issues of your thesis paper and think of a particular order they will follow each other.

  • Open a new project in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • You can create your thesis PowerPoint presentation using 3 possible ways: AutoContent Wizard, Design Template and Blank Presentation. The first two will be suitable for you in case you do not have some special preferences in the settings for text and colors.

  • Select a layout of your first slide
  • The window that will pop up may ask you to select a layout of your first slide. Think over carefully how the first slide of your thesis PowerPoint presentation should look like. It is the chance to involve your audience into your thesis PowerPoint presentation from the very beginning.

  • Add pictures or clip art to your slide

    Pictures play an important role in the thesis PowerPoint presentation. They are an integral part of it. So, add a picture or some clip art to your first slide.

  • Create the rest of your slides and add slides transitions
  • Slides transition is no less important for the general impression of your thesis PowerPoint presentation. Successfully chosen slides transitions demonstrate your perfect taste and design abilities.

  • Use a preset animation scheme to add visual interest
  • When preparing your thesis PowerPoint presentation, mind animation in order to call interest in your audience.

Know your audience, and you will certainly succeed!
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