Thesis Format Guidelines

thesis formatThesis format is one of the basic requirements for a thesis project. Thesis format mistakes are taken into account while evaluating. That is why you should be extremely attentive when formatting your thesis. Thesis format mistakes can cause a failure of your thesis.
Thesis format may vary depending on the requirements of an academic institution. Still, there are some basic thesis format rules that every thesis writer should know and stick to. They are as follows:

  • Thesis format: Language
  • As a rule, English is required. However, French is sometimes acceptable as well. If any quotations in French or other foreign languages are inserted, they may require translation. A thesis written in a foreign language, other than English, must have 2 abstracts – the language a thesis is written in and English.

  • Thesis format: Style

    Usually, formal style is required for theses. British, Canadian or American spelling is acceptable, but only one of them must be used throughout the whole paper.

  • Theses format: Paper
  • A thesis should be printed on a white 8.5×11 inch paper, vertical orientation. Print your thesis on one side of the paper only. If your thesis has any photographs or special figures, print them on a photographic quality paper.

  • Thesis format: Margins
  • In order to facilitate binding, margins should be 1.5 inches. All the other margins should be set at approximately 1 inch.

  • Theses format: Font
  • Use 12-point font of any legible font like Times New Roman or Arial for the Main Body of your thesis. Sometimes, 11-point font is also acceptable. Chapter titles and section headings may be used in different styles.

  • Thesis format: Pagination
  • Pagination must be sequential. Make sure there are no missing, blanks or duplicate pages. Minimum font size of page numbers is 10-point. It should be consistent throughout the text of your thesis paper.

  • Theses format: Line Spacing
  • Usually, line spacing is 1.5 – 2 inches for the text. However, there are some exceptions. So, you had better consult your supervisor.

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