Things You Should Know about a Dissertation/Thesis Appendix

dissertation or thesis appendixYour work on a dissertation/thesis is in full swing. Perhaps, in a few weeks you will start writing the final chapter of your project.
Still, you definitely know that the last chapter does not mean the end of the whole work.
There are several final components of a dissertation/thesis that you have to arrange. One of such components is a dissertation/thesis appendix.
Let us introduce several basic things you need to know to organize your thesis/dissertation appendix correctly.
What is a dissertation/thesis appendix?
In a few words, this part can be defined as an addition to your project, which contains information relevant to the main text and ideas.
Why is a dissertation/thesis appendix important?
Well, it just gives you a possibility to provide necessary details that you did not include in the main body. By the way, if you have no important information to add, you can omit this part. Thesis/dissertation appendix is an optional chapter.
What are the general requirements for arranging an appendix in a thesis/dissertation?
There are not so many of those requirements. However, you have to meet them all.

  • A separate page called Appendix, Appendices, or Appendixes should precede a dissertation/thesis appendix. Usually, this title appears at the center or top of the page.
  • A dissertation/thesis appendix should not be numbered as a chapter, e.g. Chapter 5. Remember that it is not a part of the main body.
  • A dissertation/thesis appendix can be subdivided:
  1. Use a separate page with a title Appendix 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C and introduce all necessary material on the next page.
  2. Go without a separate page and put the number of appendix on the very page where necessary material is given.

If you have difficulties arranging thesis acknowledgements or a dissertation table of contents, we are ready to give you useful tips.