If You Want to Publish a Thesis

publish a thesisPublishing a thesis is an absolutely natural desire many young scholars have. What is the main reason for publishing a thesis?
Well, after you do it, your work will be available for the wide scientific community. We say “wide,” since even scholars all around the world will be able to find and read your project.
Just imagine that! You publish a thesis and become a recognized person among other scientists. Your paper will be cited, or people from the related fields of studies will just talk about it. Yes, it sounds amazing.
Still, first you have to publish your thesis. In this article, we want to tell you about several significant aspects of thesis publishing.
Copyright rules
It is one of the major issues you have to pay attention to before you publish a thesis. Do you have images, pictures, or some other visuals in your project? Make sure all this stuff is not protected by the copyright law. Otherwise, you need to have a permission to use it in your work.
The final version
Make sure that the version you are going to publish does not include errors. Publishing a thesis is an important mission. Do you want other people to notice minor and silly mistakes in your paper?
Title page
This page is necessary when publishing a thesis. It should contain your name, the title of the project, your department, field of study, and the name of your advisor.
Thesis abstract
Usually, abstracts are also published. You need to make sure that your abstract is not too long. You will be given only one page for your abstract. So, it is better to use smaller fonts for abstracts. However, all the fonts should be legible.
So, it seems like any issue related to a thesis is of great importance. Publishing thesis also requires your time and efforts.
If you want to know how to prepare your thesis PowerPoint presentation, our tips will be helpful.