Thesis Proposals: How They Should Look Like

thesis proposalsA thesis proposal is a paper presenting a general overview of research students are planning to conduct. Usually, thesis proposals are made in the form of written reports. Students have to discuss their projects at the thesis proposal defense presentation and get approval to conduct research.
The major purposes of thesis proposals
Once you have to write a thesis proposal, you should clearly realize that your main objective is to convince the thesis committee that:

  • Your research is significant;
  • You will make an original contribution to the chosen research field;
  • Your investigation is interesting to you and corresponds to your level of knowledge;
  • You can complete research by the deadline.

Mind that there are some differences between Master’s and Doctoral thesis proposals. The main difference lies in the duration and complexity of research students have to conduct. Still, both types of thesis proposals have something in common. They inform the reader on your purposes, methods you are going to use, and predict the outcomes of your research.
Usually, thesis proposals have the following structure:

  1. Abstract – is a short summary where all the essentials of research should be presented.
  2. Introduction – explains why your research is significant. This part of thesis proposals should also introduce the purposes of investigation.
  3. Literature review – is a comprehensive analysis of the literature sources used for investigation. Underline their significance for your work in this part of thesis proposals.
  4. Methodology – methods that you are going to use for investigation should be presented in this part of thesis proposals.
  5. Proposal summary – is a restatement and specification of your goals.

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