300 Words for Your Jack the Ripper Coursework

Jack the Ripper coursework

“One day men will look back and say I gave birth to the twentieth century.”
Jack the Ripper

“His” name is still unknown; however, “his” terrible crimes disturb society until nowadays. Do you know who we are talking about? Well, here are more hints…
Those horrible events took place in London. It was the autumn of 1888… Have you already guessed who it is? Of course, we talk about Jack the Ripper!
Who was that Jack the Ripper? Or, maybe, who were those people? Some historians believe that Jack the Ripper did not commit these crimes alone. It could probably be a group of people. So, you have a chance to conduct your own research in your Jack the Ripper coursework.
Your Jack the Ripper coursework will be a kind of an investigation coursework. So, our hints can be just in time for you.
Do you need several ideas to start writing your Jack the Ripper coursework? Well, we are glad to provide catchy facts about that mysterious figure in the history of criminology. You may start your Jack the Ripper coursework and:

  • Briefly describe the general situation in the country at those times in your Jack the Ripper coursework. England was a really powerful country: international commerce, great fleet and property. Its core was London. 31 August, 1888, the East End, the dead body of a 42-year old prostitute was found…
  • Find more information about the suspects: Joseph Barnett, George Chapman, John Pizer, and others. Study their cases and give your opinion in Jack the Ripper coursework.
  • Mention those letters Jack the Ripper sent to the police. What were they about? Why did the killer send them? Give answers to these questions in your Jack the Ripper coursework.
  • Watch the movie From Hell. It is one of the best screen versions about Jack the Ripper. It may be much helpful for writing Jack the Ripper coursework.

Your future GCSE History coursework may be about this very person. So, never refuse to read more about legendary Jack the Ripper. Good luck.