Thesis Writing Guide – Perfectionist Syndrome

thesis writing guideYou will face a huge number of problems while writing your thesis. Still, you can find reliable thesis writing guides on how to overcome almost all of them.
In this article, we want to talk about a psychological problem that the great majority of thesis writers have. It is a perfectionist syndrome. So, here is a brief thesis writing guide on how to cope with this problem.
Let us start our thesis writing guide with a short description of the perfectionist syndrome. Does this situation remind you of something?
Gee! Everything I have written is absolute trash. I need to rewrite everything. Sentences are too complicated. The main idea is not presented properly. Oh! Have no idea of when I will finish this chapter!
If this is the case, our thesis writing guide is just what you need. So, try to follow the next recommendations from our thesis writing guide.
Thesis writing guide: tip 1
Always keep in mind your primary objective, which is to finish your project. If you make changes all the time, you are likely to write your thesis for ages. Therefore, learn to see the strong points of your work.
Thesis writing guide: tip 2
Make sure you do not overestimate what is required from your paper. You are not writing a book, and your word is not the last one in the field you are studying. Thus, do not include too much information into your thesis.
Thesis writing guide: tip 3
Do not let your supervisor influence you if he/she is a perfectionist just like you. If the supervisor constantly encourages you to improve your work, you will not progress. Do not let him/her affect all of your decisions.
Hope our thesis writing guide will help you get rid of the perfectionist syndrome and complete your project successfully.
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