Insider Secrets of a Research Paper Outline

research paper outlineMany students tend to think that an outline for a research paper is just extra work they have to do. It means such students do not really realize the significance of a research paper outline for the success of their projects.
Do you also think so? Do you think that an outline for a research paper is something you do not need to make? Then, let us prove you are wrong.
Why is a research paper outline important?
If you want a brief explanation, it will be as follows – a research paper outline is a perfect assistant that will help you organize and write a paper. If you need more explanations, we are also ready to provide them.

  • Outlines help students organize their material. They usually help to understand in what order the information should be presented in a project.
  • Research paper outlines allow you to understand what information should be included into your work and what is better to omit.

What do usually research paper outlines consist of?
The parts of an outline can vary. Still, there is a common structure that you can stick to:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Methods;
  3. Results;
  4. Discussion.

Mind that the introduction of your research paper outline should present a review of literature. Discussion should include your hypothesis.
What format is better to use while writing a research paper outline?
You can choose from two basic formats: formal and informal.
An informal outline introduces your ideas divided into categories. It can include some supportive facts or phrases.
A formal outline will be just organized according to the standard format.
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