Ideas for Global Warming Research

Global warming researchDo you know that our planet faces one of the most dangerous and challenging problems? This problem is called global warming. What are the reasons for global warming? Is it possible to prevent it? What evidences of global warming can you present? How will global warming affect people?
These are the major questions you need to answer while conducting global warming research.
Do you need more ideas for your global warming research? Well, our sophisticated writers would like to present several catchy ideas you can make use of.
Have you heard the myths about global warming? There are more than 10 myths, in fact. So, you may find out more about these myths while conducting your global warming research and discuss them in your paper. Here are several examples:

  1. Global warming research: myth # 1
  2. Global warming is a natural process
    Hardly! Scientists proved that global warming was caused by human activity. As an example, use the following fact: in 1970s, the temperature increased considerably, and it did not coincide with any of the natural changes.

  3. Global warming research: myth # 2
  4. Government will take care of people
    Well, the only measure taken to prevent global warming was signing the Kyoto Protocol. It aimed at decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. Most of the countries are afraid of possible negative consequences for their economics. So, find more about this while conducting your global warming research.

  5. Global warming research: myth # 3
  6. We all will die because of the increase of temperature
    While conducting your global warming research, try to find out more about the changes of temperature and all the consequences this may lead to. In the last 100 years, temperature has increased from 0,7oC to 1oC. So, in next 100 years, temperature will probably increase up to 2 oC – 4,6oC. The probability to die in this case is equal to zero.

So, dispel all these doubts while conducting your global warming research!
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