Secrets of a Successful Thesis Defense

thesis defenseA thesis defense… For every thesis writer, it is a long-awaited and momentous event. It is the final stage of such an exhaustive and long process as thesis writing. We can imagine that great variety of feelings and thoughts crowding your head. What if I fail? What if I do not have all the answers? What if I forget something important?
Well, your panic is quite natural. However, our strong advice is – stop it! Secrets of a successful thesis defense presented in this article will help you do it.
What is the best way to get a general idea of what a thesis defense is?
If you want to know how everything will be arranged during your thesis defense, there is one perfect way to do this. Attend several thesis defenses of other students.
When should you get prepared for the thesis defense? What particular things do you need to do?
Your preparation should start at least two days before the event, though the earlier the better. Make sure you have a plan of the most important things to present about your project. Make sure you have all the additional materials that you are going to use during your thesis defense.
Getting ready for the questions that you will be asked
Definitely, no one knows what questions might arise in the heads of the committee members. Still, you can predict them. Think about the most controversial and significant issues about your topic. Most likely, they will be discussed during the thesis defense.
Your behavior at the thesis defense
First, try to calm down. Have a good rest before the thesis defense. Second, you have to look professional and confident during your thesis defense. Speak clearly and loudly enough. All your gestures should look natural. Third, mind your appearance. Business-like clothes will be the best choice.
Finally, ask a friend of yours to meet you after a SUCCESSFUL thesis defense to celebrate the event!