Thesis Proposal Writing Tips

thesis proposalDo you want to get a valuable piece of advice on how to create a good thesis proposal? Then, this article is what you actually need. Below, you will find tips for writing a strong thesis proposal.

  1. Consider the steps you need to take
  2. The following steps should be taken in order to create a worthwhile thesis proposal:

    • Present a problem;
    • Evaluate related research;
    • Consolidate or tabulate findings;
    • Propose possible solutions to the problem;
    • Identify the ways of investigating the problem (e.g. an experiment);
    • Create a model of investigation;
    • Test it;
    • Write a paper.
  3. Keep to the required structure
  4. Usually, the structure of a thesis proposal depends on the kind of research that you should conduct. If you are to do quantitative research, your thesis proposal should consist of 3 main parts:

    • Introduction;
    • Literature Review;
    • Methods.

    If you are to conduct qualitative research, your thesis proposal will consist of:

    • Introduction;
    • Literature Review;
    • Results;
    • Conclusions;
    • References.

    Some exceptions and changes are also possible. That is why before structuring your thesis proposal, consult your supervisor.

  5. Mind the style of writing

    Writing style is also of great importance in writing a thesis proposal. That is why:

    • Try to arouse the reader’s interest from the very beginning.
    • Do not forget that your thesis proposal is a formal document, so, spelling and grammar should be perfect. Besides, no colloquialisms or “chatty” aspects are acceptable in your thesis proposal.
    • Include sufficient details to define the scope of your project. Explain why it is significant and valuable for the research community.

Remember, your thesis proposal is a chance to convince the committee that the topic you are interested in is really worth investigating. Just show that you are ready to start researching.