How to Win a Dissertation Grant

dissertation grantDissertation grants are prestigious. Dissertation grants are useful. Dissertation grants are hard to get….
The fact that a dissertation grant is something you need to work hard on to obtain should not scare you off. Even if you do not get one, the experience will be unique. Now get to work if you really need a dissertation grant. This is what you are going to need:

  1. Commitment. Without a strong desire to work, without the necessity to win, you will not be able to prepare yourself for a sort of academic fight… with yourself. If you do not think there will be times when you will want to quit dissertation writing, you are wrong. This is why set real goals from the very beginning. Once you do this, work hard.
  2. Idea. A dissertation grant is about innovation. It is about development. Think that there will be thousands of other students longing to get the prize. All of them will be working on their personal research, an original and authentic idea. With stakes as high, you will have to spend some time realizing how to make your idea work.
  3. Requirements. You should know what dissertation grant you are applying to, and what the requirements are. Among the requirements, there is not only the length and writing style of your dissertation. It is the main goal, the expectations, the outcome.
  4. Time management skills. You will have to understand the fact that in order to get a dissertation grant you will have to put aside all unnecessary business and really concentrate on researching and writing.
  5. Connections. Start with a dissertation counselor. This person will lead you into the world of dissertation writing, where you need to be fast and observative enough not to miss the chance.