Choosing a Thesis Adviser

thesis adviserChoosing a thesis adviser can be rather tricky. You do not know a person until you start working with her or him.
Sometimes, students do not pay attention to the choice of a thesis adviser. In fact, they just do not realize that a thesis adviser can considerably influence the outcome of your work on a thesis project.
So, in this article, you will find useful tips on how to make the right choice of a thesis adviser.

  • Choose a person who is interesting to you
    It is crucial to find a person who can make your conversations interactive, thus, interesting to you. A good thesis adviser can give you not only useful thesis advice but also cheer you up be saying “Chin up! You will cope with it!”
  • Choose a like-minded person
    Thesis advisers are all different – philosophers, dreamers, practical workers, etc. Of course, each of them is a professional, but you need to find someone who can get along with you. The remarks of such person will be valuable and collaboration will be effective.
  • Do not choose someone who is always busy

Many respected thesis advisers with considerable experience can introduce you to other outstanding professors who can help you with your research, etc. However, they may be unable to devote enough time to you and your project. So, maybe it is better for you to choose a thesis adviser who is close to retirement. He/she will have enough time to share his/her knowledge and give you wise thesis advice.
Of course, a thesis adviser is a person who can help you greatly. Still, it is also vital to be devoted to the work you are doing and believe in your personal abilities.
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