6 Steps to Writing a Brilliant Coursework on English Literature

coursework on English literatureFor some students, a coursework on English literature is something that passes all understanding. The problem is not only what to write about but also what to start with. That is why it is important to organize writing steps properly.
This article will help you organize your work on the English literature coursework. It presents the steps necessary to take in order to create a good coursework on English literature.
Step 1. Choosing a topic
There is probably something that you like most of all about English literature. Think about it: is it a drama, poetry, prose, or novels? Then, decide on the age you would like to investigate: Romanticism, Renaissance, or Post-Modernism, etc. Next, pick a book you would like to analyze in the coursework on English literature. Finally, choose a perspective from which you might consider this book in your English literature coursework.
Step 2. Gathering sources
After you narrow the topic of your English literature coursework, you may start searching for useful sources. Try to find:

  • Critics’ responses to the book chosen;
  • Interesting facts about the book/its author;
  • Some reviews of the book.

These sources will help to make your coursework on English literature interesting indeed.
Step 3. Organizing idea
After you gather enough information and analyze it, you will have certain impression of the book and ideas for your coursework on English literature. Now, you need to develop a thesis statement and think of the ways to support it. So:

  • Formulate your thesis statement clearly;
  • Think of several supporting ideas;
  • Pick evidences (e.g. examples from the text).

Step 4. Making an outline
Now that you have a framework for your English literature coursework, you have to develop the rest of its parts. Keep to the following structure:

  • Introduction;
  • Literature Review;
  • Methodology;
  • Data Presentation;
  • Discussion;
  • Conclusions.

Step 5. Writing
There are no special rules on what chapter to write first. Start with the easiest one. Each easy task accomplished motivates you to do more complicated ones. Just do not forget about footnotes.
Step 6. Editing
Check grammar, spelling, make sure the sentences sound well. Ask your friend, mom or dad to read your English literature coursework. They may give you valuable advice.
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