What Is a Thesis Statement? 6 Signs of a Thesis

what is a thesis statementDo you not understand what a thesis statement is? Do you want someone to give you a clear answer to the question what is a thesis statement? Then, you have come to the right place. This article will help you get the very gist of a thesis statement and formulate your own thesis easily.
What is a thesis statement?
A thesis statement is a sentence or a few sentences that identify the purpose of writing a paper or introduce its main idea.
What is a thesis statement? Sign 1.
A thesis is a statement of your personal assertion, not a statement of facts
If you write that factories eject poisoning gases into the atmosphere, you will just state a fact. What you need is to express your personal belief or opinion (about the problem) you are going to prove.
What is a thesis statement? Sign 2.
A thesis statement does not just announce a subject. It takes a stand.
If you tell what your paper is about, you will present the main theme of the project. A good thesis statement should introduce a standpoint on the problem under consideration.
What is a thesis statement? Sign 3.
A thesis statement is not the title of your paper but its main idea.
To formulate a thesis statement means to explain what you are going to write about in the paper.
What is a thesis statement? Sign 4.
A thesis statement is narrow rather than broad.
It is almost impossible to support a broad idea. If a thesis statement is narrow, it can be supported efficiently.
What is a thesis statement? Sign 5.
A thesis statement is specific.
A thesis statement should not be too vague or general; otherwise, you will not be able to support it.
What is a thesis statement? Sign 6.
A thesis statement has ONE rather than SEVERAL main points.
More than one main point will be difficult for you to support, and for the reader to understand.
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