Dissertation Outline – Half-Way to a Perfect Project

dissertation outlineYour supervisor insists that you make a dissertation outline, but you believe it is just a simple waste of time. “What dissertation outline is he/she talking about? I have so many other things to do!”
Well, you are not right. This time better trust your old, experienced supervisor, because a dissertation outline is really necessary. Our writers are also ready to explain you something about dissertation outlines and their significance.
What is a dissertation outline?
In a few words, it can be defined as a detailed dissertation plan.
Why is a dissertation outline important?
A dissertation outline is important both for readers and for writers. This plan helps readers understand and follow the main idea of your project. It is also an extremely helpful tool for writers. With the help of a dissertation outline, you make the foundation of your project and plan the whole research and writing process.
What kind of a dissertation outline should you choose?
The great majority of researchers prefer to work with standard dissertation outlines that include all necessary steps, from an introduction to conclusions. However, you can also work with a hierarchical dissertation outline. Its distinctive feature is a tree-like structure that has branches or subcategories related to your dissertation.
Most likely, you will also choose a standard dissertation outline to work with. This is why we want to introduce its main elements.

  • Title page;
  • Acknowledgements;
  • Abstract;
  • Table of contents;
  • Table of figures;
  • Introduction that includes a research statement;
  • Body, which includes a literature review, methodology, hypotheses, etc.;
  • Conclusion and discussion;
  • Endnotes;
  • References.

See, if you have such a plan, consider your dissertation half done. On our blog, you can also read about dissertation format.