4 Stages of Thesis Proofreading

thesis proofreadingMany students truly believe that thesis proofreading does not play a significant role and is a simple waste of time. In fact, thesis proofreading is no less important than thesis writing itself.
Even if thesis proofreading is the last stage of this whole undertaking, it may influence your grade considerably.
The main reason why students neglect thesis proofreading is very simple. They feel completely exhausted by the time their thesis is written. This is why students prefer to make a quick overlook of the work instead of thorough thesis proofreading.
So, if you want to prepare an A+ thesis, you need both a good thesis writing guide and a high-quality thesis proofreading guide. This is what our article will be about: we are going to present you 4 most essential steps to thesis proofreading.
1st stage of thesis proofreading
Do not get down to thesis proofreading straight after you finish writing. Let your brain rest for a week or so, depending on how much available time you have. Only after that, you can move on to thesis proofreading.
2nd stage of thesis proofreading
Read each chapter of your paper, check pagination, margins, use of the required citation style, etc. Besides, at this stage of thesis proofreading, you need to check the logical flow of your paper. Make sure each paragraph and chapter is connected with the help of transition sentences.
3rd stage of thesis proofreading
This stage of thesis proofreading is the most important one. Divide your work into several parts. Check the following:

  • Spelling and possible typos;
  • Grammar and sentence’s structuring;
  • Punctuation (special attention to your reference list);
  • Word use.

4th stage of thesis proofreading
At this stage of thesis proofreading, you need to read your paper once again. It is recommended to read it out loud.
We have one advice for you: ask someone to read your thesis.
If you think you cannot cope with thesis proofreading on your own, entrust this thorough work to professional thesis editors.