Free Tips and Topics for Nursing Dissertations

nursing dissertationYou have signed up for writing a nursing dissertation. What is your vision of a good nursing dissertation? What do you think are some important aspects of this kind of work?
By the way, do you know that nursing dissertations differ from other projects of this kind. On the one hand, such basic principles as structuring, formatting are pretty much the same. On the other hand, you are going to deal with a subject that is closely related to people and their health, which makes your nursing dissertation really important.
You do not have the right to make mistakes. Definitely, your findings will not be applied in real life straight away. Still, you need to be very careful and accurate when conducting research and presenting obtained results in your nursing dissertation.
Right now, you have a few ideas of what a good nursing dissertation is. This is why we recommend you start your work by looking through past dissertations. First, you will learn more about the overall organization of your nursing dissertation. Second, you will understand what topics are suitable for your project and what areas have already been investigated.
By the way, the choice of a topic for your nursing dissertation is one of the most significant stages. Take it seriously and do not hurry to make decisions. Keep in mind several rules:

  • Pick a subject that you will be able to handle;
  • Choose a subject that is of particular significance;
  • Make sure that you will be able to find enough sources to disclose your topic properly.

Now, let us give you several topic examples:

  • Air pollution in big cities and its effect on lung diseases;
  • Psychiatric treatment for patients with schizophrenia;
  • Drug addiction among young people and its effect on mental health;
  • Nursing theories and models in nursing practice.

Do not forget that your project starts with writing a proposal. You can learn more about dissertation proposals by reading our next article.