Thesis and Dissertation Support Groups: Sharing Challenges

dissertation support groupWhat do you know about thesis and dissertation support groups? If you cannot answer this question, better learn more about thesis and dissertation support groups before you get down to working on your project. Do you want to know why?
One of our professional writers completed his dissertation some time ago and now is eager to tell his story. It will take a few minutes to read it, but this experience can help you overcome the challenges of the writing and researching processes in the future.
“When my advisor offered me to join a dissertation support group, I said “Yuck! Do I really need it?” As it turned out later, the dissertation support group helped me survive and get my degree.
What is a dissertation support group? It is just a bunch of graduates, just as you are, struggling with their projects, meeting on a regular basis, and sharing their challenges, pain, success, and accomplishments.
Why should you consider joining a dissertation support group? Loneliness might be the main reason for you to join a dissertation support group. Another important reason is that you might need someone who can tell you “Sorry man, your introduction is crap” or “Your methodology section is ok, but perhaps this and that should be improved”.
Personally I joined my dissertation support group because I was about to lose motivation to research and write and had some problems with my advisor. Later I realized that a lot of other difficulties and pitfalls are waiting for dissertation writers. I am just sure that without my dissertation support group I would never survive”.
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