Architectural Thesis Writing: “Building” Your Project

architectural thesis writingYou are going to be an architect, a creator of really amazing projects. Yet, right now, you are working on one of the most important projects in your life – your architectural thesis. Without it, all your plans might not come true.
By the way, architectural thesis writing is rather similar to building a house. You need several essential “building blocks” that will build a solid basis for your future architectural thesis.
Let us give you more details about each of these “blocks” so that you can create an effective architectural thesis.
Architectural thesis writing: “building block” #1
Inspiration – this is what all architects need. Without inspiration, buildings seem to be ugly, and the same will happen to your architectural thesis. Imagine your future projects, incredible buildings that you will make one day. In other words, you need to have appropriate mood to succeed in preparing your architectural thesis.
Architectural thesis writing: “building block” # 2
Choosing an architectural thesis topic is the next “block” that builds a solid foundation for your work. There is a great variety of issues to consider, but you need to pick something you really feel passionate about.
Here are some architectural thesis topic ideas for you:

  • Gothic architecture;
  • Southern architecture;
  • Landscape architecture;
  • Western design practice;
  • Environmental issues in architecture, etc.

Architectural thesis writing: “building block” # 3
Now, you need to discuss your ideas for the architecture thesis with an advisor and get his/her approval. If you get it, it means you are moving in the right direction.
Finally, you can get down to researching the chosen topic, collecting materials, and so on.
If you do not know how to write effective thesis proposals, our next article is what you need.