Tips for Writing a Geography Dissertation

geography dissertationA dissertation is one of the biggest and most important projects in your student life. Completing such project is a rather challenging but still exciting period in the life of every student.
If you major in Geography, you will have to write a geography dissertation. To complete this project properly, consider information presented below.
It is important for every student working on a dissertation (a geography dissertation in your case) to set the right purposes and know how to achieve them. Thus, you need a detailed plan. When working on your geography dissertation, you should:

  • Select suitable research methods;
  • Find enough sources;
  • Manage your project;
  • Use different kinds of techniques to demonstrate your level of knowledge;
  • Support each of your points, etc…

Do you know that there are two types of geography dissertations? They are:

  1. A “field-based” geography dissertation: such project is based on an analysis of primary data (surveys, observations, interviews, etc.);
  2. A “desk-based” geography dissertation: such project deals with secondary data (government reports, films, maps, TV programs, archives, etc.)

So, choose what type of geography dissertation you are going to prepare, and learn the essentials of writing one.
Take the following steps while completing your geography dissertation:

  • Choose an advisor;
  • Select a topic and get approval from your advisor;
  • Write a proposal and get approval from the dissertation committee;
  • Create a time-table and make sure you have enough time to gather and analyze information;
  • Create an outline and stick to it;
  • Write and edit;
  • Meet the deadline.

If you feel that geography dissertation writing may cause troubles, find a professional dissertation writer, dissertation editor and order your project.