Courseworks on Memory: Free Ideas for Your Experiments

coursework on memorySo, you are working on a Psychology coursework and your topic is memory. Well, it is a really interesting thing to investigate. Human memory keeps so many secrets.
Well, how are you going to complete your memory coursework? We mean, have you decided on a good experiment to conduct and describe in your coursework on memory?
Yes, a good coursework on memory should present the results of some experiment involving memory. So, take time to choose participants for your experimentation, the main idea of your experiment, some equipment that you might need to carry it out, etc.
One of the easy options is writing a memory game coursework. Invent your own memory game and test how it works. Then, present the results in your memory game coursework.
Yet, we have a couple of other suggestions for your coursework on memory.
Experiment 1
It will fit you if you have a sibling and one of you is an introvert and other – extrovert. Think of an event that you both remember. Then, everyone will have to describe it. You will see that memories of your sibling and your own are different. Thus, you will explain in your memory coursework the difference in memory of extroverts and introverts.
Experiment 2
Investigate in your memory coursework factors that might degrade or enhance memory. You will need several participants and several factors, e.g. taking a walk, listening to rock music, eating chocolate. How each of them affects memory?
Experiment 3
Investigate in your memory coursework the impact of different smells on memory, for instance: lavender, citrus, vanilla, etc.
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