A History Coursework on Northern Ireland: Proven Tips

coursework northern irelandThe history of Ireland began approximately in 8000 BC. Although it is really interesting, there is no need to cover in History papers on Ireland such issues as early Christianity in Ireland, Vikings era, or arrival of the Normans.
You can narrow down the topic of your History coursework on Ireland and focus on Northern Ireland only. In this way, you will be able to view the topic starting from 1500s-1600s.
Yet, there is still a lot of information, and choosing something specific for your coursework on Northern Ireland might be tricky. So, first study notes taken in class.
Check what particular topics you have discussed about Ireland and Northern Ireland. It will be better to disclose in courseworks on Northern Ireland one of those issues. Then collect fascinating facts to make the content of your coursework on Northern Ireland meaty.
To make the right choice of a topic for your coursework on Northern Ireland, you can also make the following list. Put down on paper everything you remember about the history of Northern Ireland:

  • important events like the rebellion of 1642-1652;
  • names of prominent Irish leaders, e.g. William Gladstone;
  • other significant dates or events such as the creation of I.R.A. or the day when the Republic gained sovereignty.

Think what issue you want to investigate deeper and choose it as the main idea of your coursework on Northern Ireland.
Courseworks on Northern Ireland can also be devoted to some popular but rather overused topics like religious conflicts in the Republic. Trace its origins and explain what is going on at the moment between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland.
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