The Best Dissertation Award: Any Student Can Win It

best dissertation awardThe Best Dissertation Award is an award that any student, at any program and department can win. Do not believe it? Then read this article till the end and get all necessary details about the Best Dissertation Award.
So, the Best Dissertation Award is given every year to graduate students working on dissertation projects. Particularly, those students who demonstrate excellence in their research and make significant contributions to a specific research area are nominated as the Best Dissertation Award winners.
Usually, the winner of the Best Dissertation Award gets a prize – $1000 and a certificate. Probably, someone will say that this reward for time and efforts invested into a dissertation project is insignificant. Yet, we are sure that a real dissertation writer will appreciate it, because the recognition of his/her work is more important.
So, you have completed a dissertation, think that it is outstanding, and you are ready to apply for the Best Dissertation Award. Below, we have listed several main steps one should take when applying for the Best Dissertation Award.
Step 1
Make a dissertation abstract, which should not be longer than 7 pages. As a rule, abstracts should be submitted in Word format.
Step 2
Ask your dissertation committee’s chair to write a letter, which confirms that your project was completed during the current academic year. The letter should be maximum 2 pages.
Step 3
Finally, to get the Best Dissertation Award, you need to submit the complete project in PDF format.
Mind that even the smallest violation of these requirements can be the reason why the Best Dissertation Award will not be given to you. Be careful and attentive.
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