A Dissertation Literature Review: Rules to Follow

dissertation literature reviewMany dissertation writers agree that a dissertation literature review is one of the most complicated, time and efforts consuming dissertation chapters. You will be able to check whether it is really so after you start working on this section of your project.
Since you are just about to start writing the dissertation literature review, we suppose you need to know some essential rules that will help you cope with this task. Before we present them, let us briefly define what a dissertation literature review is and talk about the main purpose of making it.
What is a dissertation literature review?
In a few words, it is a survey of various scholarly sources (articles, books, other dissertation projects, etc) related to a certain research area and the topic of a dissertation.
What are the main reasons for making a dissertation literature review?
The main reasons for writing this dissertation chapter are as follows:

  • To make a critical evaluation of scholarly sources;
  • To sort out what has already been studied on your topic;
  • To avoid issues that are already well-studied;
  • To define problems and some questions that are left within your area of research and that require further investigation.

Rules you need to follow to make an effective dissertation literature review

  1. Formulate a problem clearly. Thus, you will avoid collecting and studying unnecessary materials.
  2. Select sources carefully. Make sure you do not use biased sources or those that are not credible for your dissertation literature review.
  3. Analyze and interpret. Your own interpretation of sources and things they are devoted to is essential if you want to make a strong dissertation literature review.

If you face difficulties while writing a dissertation methodology section, we will be glad to help.